Favourite blogs

Kenny Pieper – An English teacher in Scotland – Just Trying To Be Better – full of great insights and practical ideas

Hunting English – Alex Quigley’s blog is clear, coherent and consistently thought provoking

What’s language doing here? Lee Donaghy’s blog on what we need to know to move students from everyday to academic language. Excellent!

Andrew Old’s wonderfully caustic (if relentlessly negative) view of education: Scenes from the Battleground – and also The Echo Chamber (a compendium of many the education blogs out there)

The wonderful Web of Substance; substantial indeed – a wealth of thinking on education and research

John Tomsett’s blog – an English teacher AND an inspirational headteacher

Headteacher, Tom Sherrington’s prolific and thoughtful blog headguruteacher

Tessa Matthew’s blog, Tabula Rosa – gets quite cross about much of the silliness knocking around in schools.

Reflections of a Learning Geek by Lisa Jane Ashes – yet another wonderful, inspirational English teacher

Science AST Tait Coles – Punk Learning for SOLO taxonomy and Project Based Learning and constructivist pedagogy

Zoe Elder’s Full-on Learning Teducation (an insightfully reviewed catalogue of Ted Talks and how they can be used in schools) and Marginal Learning Gains – a treasure trove of suggested micro improvements for teaching & learning.

Tom Bennett’s fabulously well written The Behaviour Guru

Geoff Barton’s passionate and sensible blog and well-stocked resource site

Joe Kirby’s thoughtful, measured and sensible take on Pragmatic Education

Tom Boulter doesn’t post often but when he does he nails it. Thinking on Learning

Darren Mead – Pedagogy, Formative assessment and Project Based Learning –Pedagogical Purposes

The Wing To Heaven – Daisy Christodoulou: blogging about education and education policy.

Red or green pen? – an anonymous blog by a Teach First maths teacher – it’s MUCH better than this description makes it sound!

James Michie – English teacher and education go to guy

The New Stateswoman – thoughtful reflections from a fellow English teacher

Learning from my mistakes – another fabulous English & literacy blog, this time from Chris Curtis

…to the real – a blog from Teach First maths teacher Kris Boulton – full of excellent insights and clear thinking

Harry Fletcher-Wood’s systematic approach to Improving Teaching

Laura McInerney on teaching, researching and writing

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