Reasons to be cheerful

So, it’s now the fourth week back and despite been plum tuckered (I’ve a vague notion that this means tired) I’m still smiling. I’ve just read Kenny Pieper’s latest post on how he’s feeling after (in his case) six weeks back and thought it timely to read over my Back To School post written on the first day back after bathing in the rosy glow of creativity that my wonderful faculty had induced in me on hearing about the splendid variety of good things they intended to forge ahead with this year.

In order to maintain the mad-eyed positivity needed to surf confidently atop the daily demands of teaching, I thought it might be useful to reflect on what the term’s offered up thus far.

Personal Targets

  1. Class blog has started well. I need to have another push as participation has dropped off after initial surge of enthusiasm. Next step is to get studes to start their own blogs. IT room is booked!
  2. QR codes suffered a devastating blow after caretaker complained they were making the place look untidy. However, I learnt today that he’s ordered me some clip frames behind which I am legitimately allowed to put up all manner of intriguing links.
  3. The crazy ideas list inspired by Dancing About Architecture has also hit a bit of brick wall. I feel a bit disappointed that I’ve not felt able to invest the relatively small amount of time needed to make this happen. Especially as I know how much fun the studes would have. But, and this is a pretty exciting but, Mr Phil Beadle himself is coming to my school this Thursday to tell 60 Year 11s how to have a successful life! Mazin’! I’m hoping that some of Phil’s lunatic energy will rub off on me and get me back to how I felt when I wrote Hula Hooping about Literature.
Good stuff that’s ‘just happened’
  1. All my classes are chock full of fantastic, loveable young people! How good is that? I’ve been busily ‘mindsetting’ them and have been really impressed at the results so far. Some of thinking that’s gone into this includes convincing them to want to do stuff they find hard, taking a ‘granny cloud’ approach to encouragement as exemplified by DIY learning and undermining their expectations with question formulation technique.
  2. I’m going to my very first Teachmeet organised by local hero @ICTEvangelist next month and am fizzing with barely contained excitement. No really, I am. Next step is to look at planning our own at school.
  3. Apart from Phil Beadle’s visit this week, I’ve also been privileged to meet up with a few other teaching heroes. Ian Gilbert delivered some top INSET and said some nice things about me, David Miller is promising to come and see me soon and Jackie Beere is also planning to do some work with us. Sounds like a Channel 4 docusoap, doesn’t it?
  4. Twitter and my PLN continue to challenge, provoke and inspire. Am particularly grateful to @teachitso, @KristianStill, @kennypieper, @Totallywired77 @DKMead and @JamiePortman.
  5. Other miscellaneous reasons for joy this term include a theatre trip to see An Inspector Calls next month, Critical Skills training next week and the enormous fun I’m having ‘teaching’ the Learning Loop to Year 9
If all that’s not enough, how about some Ian Dury:

No wonder I’m chuffed. What’s keeping you chipper? I’d love to read some comments that brim with contageously relentless optimism.

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